"Here is Your $5,733 Per Month Formula..

Today, I'll reveal to you the power of compounding.. am sure you've heard this numerous times in financial literature.

Compounding is powerful alright, the challenge is the system that will earn you a consistent profit through and through 

Today, You have the chance to use compounding and a reliable system. But I need you to pay attention. this is very brief, but super important.

There are two things that separate the Poor and the Rich in financial trading:

1. Capital

2. Profit

If you have one trader with $500 in capital and they make 20% profit at the end of the month.. then the realised profit is only $100 despite studying charts and all the pain that comes with trading

If another Trader has $30,000 in capital and makes 20% gains, the realised profit is $6,000, that's a decent income in any economy, right?

The Big Question:

How do you get a sizeable Capital for your realised profits to make sense?

On this page I'll show you how to grow your capital in a limited time and start making a decent income of $5,733 Every Month without Fail!


Starting capital: $500

Monthly Investment: $100

Period: 18 Months (one and half years)

Total Investment ($500 + (18*100) = $2,300

How Does an Investment of $2,300 and 18 Months become a $5,733 per Month Venture?

The Missing link is, a 20% monthly Returns plan and the power of compounding put to action.

What will happen when we open a trading account with $500 deposit and make 20% returns every month.. reinvest the profits and in addition add $100 every month to your trading deposit for a period of 18 months?

Our investment will grow to $28,685

18 months later, we have $28,685 - now let's pretend, that's our deposit and we are starting afresh.. with our 20% monthly system

20% of $28,685 = Drum rolls please............$5,733

There you have it folks!

Since we all have our unique goals and desires..

here is the link to the calculator.. (click it will open in a new tab)

play around with it to see how various amounts and periods pan out

Before we celebrate.. there is still a part of our formula that we haven't quite gotten a grasp of yet.. and thats the 20% returns a month opportunity?

Our Secret 20% Monthly Profit Strategy is CopyTrading Successful traders..

I have seen traders frown upon copying other traders, sometimes there is no concrete reason other than pride and ego.. you want to feel you're in control and that's alright..

This opportunity does not steer you away from being a trader, following your indicator and trading plans.. that's yours to keep.. continue with the courses, signals and so forth.. The opportunity here, creates an additional INCOME stream for you.. there is a reason why the mighty rivers have more than one tributary..

Don't get too attached to one way of making money.. around your expertise and in this case trading.. see to it that you can identify.. more than one way to make profit and milk from the markets..

Avoid The pitfall of copytrading:

Make sure you have two things working for you

1. A legit Forex broker

2. A trader with a smooth Curve

See the steps below for more emphasis..

Step 1: Open a Real Account with FXTM

Load your real account with $100 or more which you can use to enter to trade the markets:

We recommend $500 if you are to follow the formula explained above.. and an additional $100 a month for 18 months.

Open Acc Here: https://500signals.com/fxtm

Step 2:
Identify a trader to copy from

 When selecting a trader look at the following parameters:

Drawdown: Not more than 10%

Curve: has to be smooth

Duration: traded more than 90 days

Monthly return of 20% or more

Money Management

In your account, set risk at 1% max

Next set a goal to top up your capital by reinvesting profit & additional capital top up.

if your target is $25,000 in capital and you make 20% monthly. It will be an additional 5K income per month.

most traders fail because of tiny capital, and have no capital growth strategy.

Stay Disciplined

If you can't commit to raise the $500 and additional $100,  but can raise the $2,300 at once. at the end of the 18 months period your capital will be as follows:

Final investment value $61,233.67

Total interest earned $58,933.67
Initial balance $2,300.00

With a capital of $61,233.67 and making 20% every month.. your income will be  $12,246 very month following the end of the 18 months incubation period

Learning how to trade successfully takes Years of learning. To be an expert in any field you need 10,000 hours of experience.. that's 5 years when doing 40 hours a week. before that happens, make money as an investor by copy trading

Many things can be said about forex trading, a lot has been written in the last couple of years. Many have attempted, some came top, others lost! My experience for the last 12 years as a trader and later as a trading systems designer has taught me what works and what doesn't. Its just a matter of having trading goals that suit your situation and sticking to the plan no matter what.  The first goal should be capital growth, the next is profit goal. what you do with the profit is up to you

Mike Ndegwa

Mike N

Mike Ndegwa is an Expert Trader and Financial Systems Design Architect.

Trading Forex Since 2008 and later quit formal employment in 2012.

This is one page is my gift to the forex community..

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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