Here's Your 3 Step Formula:
for A Full time Income Trading forex

From the Desk of, Mike Ndegwa

On This page I'll show you a shortcut to trading Forex profitably without the need for learning to trade Forex for months. Trust in the experience of a 12 Years Trader, a financial trading systems design architect who has perfected the art of trading.

Today using my trade recommendations, you'll be able to trade the same trades that I do on FxPesa platform

Mike and Moonika - EGM/FXPesa

Mike Ndegwa, Trading Systems Designer at Arithmetic Trading LLC with Moonika Jurgenfeldt, Vice President at Equiti Group Ltd

Equiti is registered in Kenya as EGM Securities Ltd trading as FXPesa and is regulated and licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

Step 1:
Open a Premiere Account with FxPesa

FxPesa will load your trading account with an additional 30% bonus (Kes. 3,000) for every Kes. 10,000 You deposit as trading capital:

 Click Here to Open Account..

Step 2:
Join our Telegram Channel to access Signals for FREE

Once you get your FxPesa account verified and loaded. I'll issue you with a link to access trade signals 100% FREE for a life time. (We've been trading the signals since 2014, it's not too late to take advantage)

Get a Mentorship

Get Guidance from a dedicated account manager and a chance masterclass coaching by Mike  on how to trade FOREX profitably Like he has in the last 14 Years

Many things can be said about forex trading, a lot has been written in the last couple of years. Many have attempted, some came top, others lost! My experience for the last 14+ years as a trader and later as a trading systems designer has taught me what works and what doesn't. It's just a matter of having trading goals that suit your situation and sticking to the plan no matter what.  Lessons that I will get to teach you along the way.

Mike Ndegwa

Mike Ndegwa

Mike Ndegwa is an Expert Trader and Financial Systems Design Architect.

Trading Forex Since 2008 and later quit formal employment in 2012.

In 2016, he left Nairobi to live in a farm in Nanyuki where he trades for a couple of  hours and attends to his organic farm and other hobbies part time.

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