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Always remember the most important parameter on a strategy the Drawdown in relation to the returns.

For example, a strategy with 300% Returns and 80% draw down means that if you invested $1,000 you would be willing to lose $800 of that inorder to potentially triple the initial deposit.

Another Example, 50% Returns and 10% Drawdown, again witht he $1,000 deposit it means you would be willing to lose $100 of your initial deposit in order to gain an additional $500 as profit.

Mike Ndegwa

Mike N

Mike Ndegwa is an Expert Trader and Financial Systems Design Architect.

Trading Forex Since 2008 and later quit formal employment in 2012 to trade the markets FULL Time.  (Today, I trade part time for full time income and use the rest of the time to do the things I like) 

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