Here's Your 3 Step Formula:
for A Full tume Income Trading forex

From the Desk of, Mike N

On This page I'll show you a shortcut to trading Forex profitably without the need for learning to trade Forex for months. Trust in the experience of a 12 Years Trader, a financial trading systems design architect who has perfected the art of trading.

Step 1:
Open a Real Account with FXTM

Load your real account with $100 or more which you can use to enter to trade the markets:

Open Acc Here: https://500signals.com/fxtm

Step 2:
Identify a trader to copy from

 When selecting a trader look at the following parameters:

Drawdown: Not more than 10%

Curve: has to be smooth

Duration: traded more than 90 days

Monthly return of 20% or more

Money Management

In your account, set risk at 1% max

Next set a goal to top up your capital by reinvesting profit & additional capital top up.

if your target is $25,000 in capital and you make 20% monthly. It will be an additional 5K income per month.

most traders fail because of tiny capital, and have no capital growth strategy.

Learning how to trade successfully takes Years of learning. To be an expert in any field you need 10,000 hours of experience.. that's 5 years when doing 40 hours a week. before that happens, make money as an investor by copy trading

Many things can be said about forex trading, a lot has been written in the last couple of years. Many have attempted, some came top, others lost! My experience for the last 12 years as a trader and later as a trading systems designer has taught me what works and what doesn't. Its just a matter of having trading goals that suit your situation and sticking to the plan no matter what.  The first goal should be capital growth, the next is profit goal. what you do with the profit is up to you

Mike Ndegwa

Mike N

Mike Ndegwa is an Expert Trader and Financial Systems Design Architect.

Trading Forex Since 2008 and later quit formal employment in 2012.

This is one page is my gift to the forex community..

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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